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New ways to analyze network traffic with Suricata

With Cybersecurity Month coming soon, it's time to start thinking about the security and network traffic analysis tools you use in your toolbox.

Network traffic analysis is the process of looking at the data traversing a network to find problems. It is traditionally done for a number of purposes, including basic troubleshooting of network performance/connectivity, application performance, and as part of a robust cybersecurity framework.

Suricata alerts in CloudShark
Suricata alerts in CloudShark

There are a plethora of tools in the industry that help with traffic analysis. In particular are those tools that allow for threat detection, looking for warning signs of malicious activity within network traffic. The open-source threat detection engine known as Suricata is one of those tools. In this article, learn a bit about what Suricata is, what it does, and some of the interesting ways it can be used not only for intrusion detection/protection, but in network device testing and data visualization.


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