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Need a break from your day to day routine?

Need a break from your day to day routine?

Here is a software testing challenge!

A few months ago I conducted a hands on seminar where

the attendees were challenged to test theirs and other

software to see if it could pass some basic evidentiary

processes against a small number of data files I had prepared.

During the session, many eyes were opened as to the reliability

and capability of their software to perform what may be considered

routine forensic/evidentiary requirements (hash, copy, zip/unzip)

for processing and handling evidentiary data. I have personally

tested over 70 stand alone programs and found that over 95% fail

one or more of my simple evidentiary requirements.

What I'm offering, is to make this software testing challenge

available to anyone who has a few hours to commit to the process.

So you can test your own software against the provided test data.

If you are interested in finding out what the software tests

involve, and would like to have a preliminary outline of what

you will be doing, let me know and I will send you the initial


The tests cover some of the topics mentioned in recent articles

found in the ARTICLES page of my website (

respond to the email address provided below,

as it is the only one without strict filters.

Also, whitelist my email/domain on your end so I can

respond where needed.


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