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"Get Off Your Butt and Go for A Walk!"

One of the key points I occasionally make when teaching, presenting or writing, is that sometimes you need to stop looking at your red light/green light monitoring system, stop pinging, and please stop rebooting equipment! Nothing replaces getting out there and physically looking at the problem.

In my 30+ years of troubleshooting, I can not tell you how many times the problem looked obvious when I physically got out there to investigate the problem. I've seen a ladder leaned up against a breaker, cables pressed up against power buttons, equipment hanging in a bag that was powered on causing the bag to melt around it, excess cabling wrapped around an arc welder, cables pinched in doors, cables spliced and wrapped in electrical tape, trust me, the list goes on.

In this case, some wireless equipment had a poor signal and the technicians were rebooting it, checking for noise, etc. I then found out that the signal went out of wack after a wind storm, so I climbed up (why I'm huffing and puffing a bit) and sure enough the bolts on the bracket that stabilizes the tower had come loose.

Before you comment that "sometimes its not possible to go out everywhere", i simply counter that argument with "use your tech" use Zoom, facetime, or ask someone there to take photos/videos. Trust me, its better than nothing.


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