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Free webinar for government audiences – How to Maximize Breach and Attack Simulation Activity!

Free upcoming webinar for government audiences –

How to Maximize Breach and Attack Simulation Activities

May 26, 2020 at 1pm EDT / 12 pm CDT / 10 am PDT

Creation of a proper breach defense strategy is paramount to every government agency and enterprise. Various entities (like nation states, terrorist organizations, or individual hackers) can, and are, launching attacks at government networks and assets.

To defend against these attacks, government agencies need to routinely verify that their security architecture is working as designed. Unfortunately, network security is very hard to measure ⁠— what works and what does not? A 99% success rate in stopping security attacks is still a complete failure if a breach occurs.

Breach and attack simulation solutions solve this problem by giving you actual metrics and instrumentation so that you can objectively measure the effectiveness of your security tools, assess the real value of your security solution spending, and actively prevent attacks in real-time.

In this webinar, presenters from Keysight will review two fundamental categories of this type of solution. The first is pre-deployment testing. Pre-deployment testing is about removing the risk and expense of deployment for new security architecture components in the vendor selection phase. The solution is to use a special purpose tester in a lab environment, like Keysight’s BreakingPoint solution, to accurately categorize the performance of all components in a real-world scenario. These testers generate different types of application data (voice, video, data) to load down a device under test so you can thoroughly understand how the device performs in real-world situations.

The second useful type of network testing focuses on the production network. In order to measure security effectiveness, cyber teams need operational insights into the effectiveness of their security posture and actionable intelligence to improve it. This type of testing ensures base level control system security resilience using regular, comprehensive, and safe security assessments of the production network. Keysight’s Threat Simulator solution enables any government agency to examine and validate their production network against known threats and bad source IP addresses.

See for yourself, how breach and attack simulation solutions can significantly enhance your agency’s security architecture!

Please use this link to register for the upcoming webinar on May 26, 2020.



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