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5 things to do with the NetAlly Aircheck G3 WiFi Tester

I am not a fan of using tools only when something breaks.

In my opinion, a good tool can be used for baselining, reporting, and everyday tasks that don’t necessarily involve troubleshooting.

I truly believe that using a tool regularly makes the analyst more efficient with the tool when a problem does occur. Being familiar with a tool also allows you to build a mental list of features you rely on from tools. This comes in handy when you have to justify a request for any tool purchase.

I thought it would be helpful to put together a quick list of things to do with your Netally Aircheck to get you going. I encourage you to get familiar with your tools before a problem happens.

I can't tell you how many times I’m troubleshooting with a client and they show up a tool and ask me to show them how to use it. Trying to learn a tool while troubleshooting isn’t the best learning condition and may give others a negative impression of the IT group.

One of the first thing I cover in my video is remote access. You will need Realvnc to access the Aircheck G3. Here is the link to the Realvnc website

The last piece of advice I can give to get into the habit or routine to monitor/record WiFi statistics as well as throughput.

When I built my first residential wireless internet network, I used MRTG to monitor SNR, RSSI and ran iperf tests occasionally. Going through this exercise will help you develop a baseline of how your network works.

As I said at the end of the video, I will be following this up with more detailed articles and videos to help you out.

Feel free to contact Tony for your training, analysis and other networking needs through his website.

Tony Fortunato

Sr Network Performance Specialist

The Technology Firm

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