• Tony Fortunato

What to Do With My IOTA – Wifi

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Wi-Fi packet analysis is always a tricky thing. For example, you have to make sure you have the ‘proper’ Wi-Fi adapter and drivers and of course the software needs to be able to interpret the packets, then there is all the other variables such as encryption type, channel width and flavor of Wi-Fi 802.11n, ac, etc. When possible I capture from the switch port that the access point (or access points) are connected to avoiding all those possible issues.

In this example, I connected my Profitap IOTA (www.profitap.com./iota) between (inline) my Wi-Fi access point and switch so I can capture all packets to and from my IOTA.

As you will see in the video, I saw a ‘server’ with an ip on my local subnet. So I used this opportunity to use the IOTA and investigate what the mystery device is.

Spoiler alert; it ended up being an ip camera but now it gets interesting. The camera has a wired and Wi-Fi connection. I checked and the wired connection and it was working fine, but the camera preferred to use the Wi-Fi connection instead. I know that some cameras are set up via Wi-Fi and stay on it and others don’t like the delay some switches cause on the wired side (ie, portfast can address some of this on Cisco switches).

My solution was to remove the W-Fi configuration and confirmed that all was well on the wired side.

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