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Setting up ZeroTier and ProfiTap IOTA

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

John Modlin provided the following write up along with a helpful accompanying video.

I have had a great time using ProfiTaps’ IOTA capture and analysis tool, https://www.profitap.com/iota

I was especially intrigued with IOTAs capability for remote analysis and troubleshooting, which brings me to ZeroTier, https://www.zerotier.com

ZeroTier is a public domain SDWAN cloud-based browser-controlled environment. I quickly set up an account, created a network, downloaded and installed the ZeroTier agents on my devices. Adding the ProfiTap IOTA to the SDWAN environment was very straight forward.

Now my IOTA capture and analysis tool is accessible from virtually anywhere.

With ZeroTier SDWAN environment set up, and IOTA included in the SDWAN environment, I now have everything I need to perform remote network analysis. The IOTA is a tap device, so it has visibility to all the traffic passing through it. Your remote analysis is only limited by the IOTA’s placement. I can access IOTA devices remotely, capture, analyze traffic, and/or download captures for further analysis.

IOTA has the ProfiSight client already onboard, which really simplifies the analysis process.

For more on how I set this up, check out my short video


John Modlin

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