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Monitoring Encrypted Traffic to Ensure Efficiency and Availability - Webinar, Nov 13 @ 1:00 ET

Your speaker - Erik Hjelmstad

In order to ensure networks are efficient, we need to monitor all traffic flowing through the wire. There are many tools to help, but they all rely on being able to read and decode network traffic. When the network traffic is encrypted, these tools provide limited value.

With the nGenius Decryption Appliance (nDA), you get full visibility into all of the traffic across your network, and the ability to send that traffic to just the tools that need to see it. In the Webcast, you will learn about: • Expanding visibility by utilizing PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) in front of nDA. • Limiting types of decrypted traffic to ensure known good traffic stays encrypted • Finding malicious attacks that would otherwise be hidden by encryption

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Your speaker - Erik Hjelmstad (CISSP) has worked in the Information Technology and Security industry successfully for over 25 years. Erik has worked in Sales and Engineering Support for several leading information technology and security companies including NETSCOUT, VSS Monitoring, IBM and ISS. He has also served in lead security positions defending both large government organizations and utility companies. Erik caries a strong mix of security technology and security leadership background and regularly presents on new and emerging technologies.

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