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Troubleshooting Slow File Transfers - Wireshark

We have all seen a file transfer take off like lightning, only to find it pause and halt later on down the road. What causes these pauses? How can I troubleshoot them?

Using the TCP stream visualization features in Wireshark goes a long way in troubleshooting pauses and delays. They point us to the spot of the problem and help us to root cause it. Under the statistics menu, there are several graphs that really help us to see the issue.

In this video, we will start by looking at the TCP Stevens graph, which allows to spotlight points in the transfer where the stream halts.

Keep capturing packet pals!

Author Profile - Chris Greer is a Network Analyst for Packet Pioneer. Chris regularly assists companies in tracking down the source of network and application performance problems using a variety of protocol analysis and monitoring tools including Wireshark. Chris also delivers training and develops technical content for several analysis vendors.


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