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Free Webinar - Monitoring Approaches to Modern Overlay Networks! July 11, 2019

Free Webinar hosted by Christian Ferenz: Jul 11 at 1 pm (EST)

Free Webinar (click here) -

Monitoring Approaches to Modern Overlay Networks

Virtual TAPs won’t provide you complete visibility into your network. Learn more about how to get full visibility into overlay and underlay networks while maintaining data integrity.

Organisations need to evolve their network infrastructure to remain relevant in the Cloud Era. The end goal of any organization is to have happy customers and happy employees. Although network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) has been talked for the better part of a decade, the deployment of these technologies is proceeding quite slowly.

Network Automation is a long-lasting trend in our industry because networks are becoming bigger and more complex. It is different from the past because we have moved to a virtualized world with SDN and the de-coupling of the control plane from the data plane. This complexity in networks play out in terms of troubleshooting and managing the networks. Until now visibility solutions are typically not automated. Why?

In the current scenario we need an intelligent approach, where a system learns, can identify the issues through a combination of supervised and reinforcement-based learning and then close the loop through fulfillment and orchestration systems.

Christian Ferenz, CEO, Cubro Network Visibility will host a Webinar on Jul 11 at 1 pm (EST) to talk about the overlay networks and visibility solutions for such networks.

The Webinar will help the attendees to learn the following:

  1. What are overlay networks?

  2. Why Virtual TAPs can’t provide the complete visibility into your network?

  3. Need for visibility automation

  4. Solutions from Cubro for future networks

Register here https://bit.ly/2KugeAg to join the live Webinar and learn about the best practices for dynamic packet handling approaches for modern overlay networks.

Author - Christian started his entrepreneur journey as a measurement instrumentation distributor in 2003 and soon realized that there was a market for producing better network monitoring solutions. Along with some of his business partners, Christian established Cubro Acronet and started developing TAPs and Packet Broker lines. Within few years, the company spread its wings in the international market. Today Cubro is among the leading vendors of TAPs and Network Packet Brokers and partner of the world’s largest Telcos and Enterprises with installations on all continents.

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