• Tim O'Neill

The ProfiTAP Team! An LMTV special!

Introducing the ProfiTAP "Visibility" Team on LMTV!

This LMTV session will introduce the ProfiTAP Team of awesome technologist and go over their long 33+ year technology history and their path for the future.

We will meet their top technologists responsible for directing their new and innovative product road map.

From their revolutionary and exclusive ProfiShark USB TAPs -up to 10G- to their Long Term affordable Traffic Capture system and other unique visibility solutions.

We will talk to Laurent Schirck - Chief Technology Officer and Geoffrey Kempenich - Managing Director and get their perspective on what makes ProfiTAP a top visibility and access company.

"It all starts with Visibility!"

Check out awesome new videos on ProfiTAP TAPs and essential technical comparisons!


  1. Measuring Device Latency with the ProfiShark

  2. ProfiShark Long-Term Traffic Capture solution - Economical full bandwidth solution!

  3. TAP Fail-over Time Comparison- Ignored but VERY important - All three by: Mike Pennacchi

Profishark Performance Testing - by:Tony Fortunato



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