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SharkFest US ’18 - The 20th anniversary of Wireshark! A recap by the ProfiTAP Team!

SharkFest US ’18 recap from the eyes of a Very Happy Sponsor!

Another SharkFest has ended and, long story short, it was a great success!

The 11th annual SharkFest 2018 Wireshark Developer and User Conference took place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA, between June 25 - 28.

This year it also celebrated 20 years of Wireshark, the most popular open source packet analyzer that is used world wide by millions (probably Billions) of network, performance and security analysts and data technologists.

Congratulations Gerald Combs, the Wireshark Developers and Wireshark World Team!

Gerald Combs - Founder of Wireshark with long time Sharkfest instructor Chris Greer

Happy Birthday Wireshark from the Profitap team -

Ángel Luis Flórez Parra (left) and Geoffrey Kempenich (Right) of ProfiTAP with Wired "shark"

SharkFest is a great event for Profitap and other vendors to attend as a sponsor, because of the unique chance to get feedback from the Top Technologists, Wireshark developers and Real World users.

This year ProfiTAP focused on solutions that when combined with Wireshark can forge Packet Analysis Heroes. Network Heroes Favorite Capture Tool Solution at SharkFest’18 US

Read and see more of Sharkfest 2018 The 20th anniversary of Wireshark!

As the world’s foremost and most widely-used network protocol analyzer, Wireshark captures and visualizes everything that is happening on the network through its connection. Profitap solutions give network engineers total visibility into the network. Combine the two and you have and incredibly versatile traffic capture setup for analysis and troubleshooting that you can take everywhere you go. This combination allows for Real Time visibility with No Losses, even bad frames!

This year the new Sharkfest Packet Bay area gave attendees a great chance to get hands-on experience and see what it’s like to work with ProfiShark, tapping into 1G and 10G lines, capturing timestamped packets, and testing our new Long-Term Capture setup with ProfiShark and a NAS for deep capture!

We have the pleasure of working together with a great team of Heroes Packet Analysts, all of them experts in various fields, like network forensics, network troubleshooting, cybersecurity, performance etc.

Over the past months they’ve done an amazing job writing up on their experience in using the ProfiShark in the field. These articles don’t just showcase the products they use – they offer unique insight in the workflow of an expert. Feel free to take a look at their articles and video below. You will hear more of this band of heroes in the coming Months.

All articles and videos can also be found on the Profitap Library.

We’ll see you all at SharkFest Vienna and remember, "It all starts with visibility!"

Author - Rick van Werven of ProfiTAP - "It All Starts with VISIBILITY" - has made it his mission to spread the word on the importance of network visibility. Being the starting point of every troubleshooting analysis, cybersecurity monitoring and NPM/APM scenario, total and exact visibility of the network is what makes or breaks your analysis, security or management technology. It all starts with a TAP!

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