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LMTV LIVE | Introducing Cubro the Network Visibility Company

Who is Cubro and WHY should every Network Technologist want to know?

Today's complex network technologists find it challenging and overwhelming to manage their networks in the effort to minimize issues, Legal and Technical, so one must have Total Visibility to be able to recognize performance issues, aberrant behavior, data leaks plus being able to prove that they are protecting their network and data!. Today’s data requirements for carriers, data centers, defense organizations and enterprises is that they MUST be able to see all their data and applications in real time in order to secure and manage their growing networks and traffic demands while improving productivity and keeping watch for attacks and leaks.

The key to this success is Total Network Visibility with Line Rate, Real Time network segment with focus view capabilities.

These demands are why network technologists need to know who Cubro is and understand their capabilities to provide this challenging Total Network Visibility. Cubro’s technology can enable today’s organizations to meet these advance and complex challenges with solutions that not only help to protect and grow their network technology but doing so with long life technology with cutting-edge features, with unheard of deployment simplicity, exceptional reliability, with a high ROI and world class support.

Why to consider Cubro’s Technology:

  1. The latest hardware with advanced filtering capability

  • Full upper layer visibility

  • Line Rate -All Layer Filtering

  • Load Balancing

  • No loss with large filters

  • De-Duplication capability

  • Aggregation with “REAL” time stamp

  • Metadata Extraction

  1. Easy deployment and implementation into network management policies

  2. Simple to use and fast setup filtering capability

  3. Clear and Easy filter documentation for GDPR, Security parameters and Lawful Intercept

  4. Full port access – No port licensing!

  5. Lowest Total cost of ownership in industry!

  6. Professional Services

  • Technical training

  • Installation

  • Deployment design

  • Filter design

  1. Professional post-sales support and customer

Cubro does not sell ports, they sell technology without bounds. Unlike other providers that burden customers with annual port and software licensing fees, we provide a single, unified visibility solution with a full feature set for no additional cost. Our customers experience the full value of their network visibility investment.

This Wednesday, June 20th, we will join with Christian Ferenz, CEO, to find out why Network Technologists need to know who Cubro is and what makes Cubro different!

If you want to get more information NOW! - https://www.cubro.com/

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