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LMTV LIVE | How Tools Must Adapt To NPM Specialists (with Scott Sumner and Boris Rogier)

We will discuss a number of good technical subjects that relate to troubleshooting tricky scenarios like SaaS applications, SAP and Citrix, and ways that TCP analysis can be used to streamline hybrid-cloud app performance. In particular, we would use this first session under the Accedian brand to discuss more about how we see the future of tools, and what can be done to simplify and accelerate the work of NPM specialists with automation and real-time analysis.

Accedian commits to the future of this space, addressing the emerging challenges that will confront analysts as we move increasingly towards combined legacy /physical and virtual / cloud infrastructure.

Here is short summary of our upcoming discussion:

How NPM Specialists' Work Will Get Harder, and How Tools Will Adapt

Boris Rogier, Co-Founder of PerformanceVision, now a part of Accedian, will explain how the shift to SaaS, public cloud, and dynamic SDN in the datacenter is creating visibility gaps that make NPM Specialists work harder to isolate and resolve network performance issues. The network is the foundation for all of these new application components, and it is increasingly critical. However, packet analysis needs a boost to help us stay on top of these changes. In this interview, Boris will cover key developments that will put specialists in control of this dynamic infrastructure:


  • The limitations of existing tools when looking into the cloudy 'Ether'

  • Why hybrid-cloud apps are hard to monitor, and how they co-depend on the network

  • How to use automation to fight automation

  • How we can deal with encryption

New Approaches

  • Targeted, automated analysis views that simplify fault domain isolation

  • Stream-processing methods: how to know where to focus efforts as events happen

  • Configuration–free smart alerting for NPM specialists

  • The way machine learning will augment packet analysis with guided visualization

Question in Closing: What is the future, now that PV is part of Accedian? Why is that a good fit?

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