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Bittwist Packet Generator Quickstart

Many of you are probably familiar with packet capture tools like Wireshark, but how many times have you wanted to playback that tracefile? Here’s where Bittwist comes in.

Bittwist is an open source, portable traffic generator. The zip file also includes bittwiste for packet editing, but I won’t be covering that topic in this video.

I use this play back feature when I’m testing how tools report certain things. For example, in this video I use Fluke Networks Optiview XG and want to see how it identifies IPX. I also used it to identify OSPF, but didn’t cover that protocol in the video.

In summary the toll simply requires you to provide which interface to transmit on as well as the filename. Of course there are many other options like –m which ignores the inter packet delta time and blasts all the packet out ASAP.


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